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Dealership Program

WrapIt is now the official wrap company for Dealerships Across Canada!

Vehicle wraps add profit to your bottom line at no cost to your dealership!

Our Dealership Program was created to address your customers’ needs in the vehicle wholesale and retail industry. We have been tracking the steady increase in consumers who want more variety when it comes to vehicle color and finish. Out team at WrapIt works with dealerships to satisfy this growing demand by offering a vinyl wrap of their choice.  Whether they pay cash or choose to "WrapIt Into Their Finance", the benefits aren’t just for your customer! Each wrap sale produced from your dealership earns you up to 10% cash back!  

Vinyl wraps are a key vehicle-selling feature.

Say goodbye to limited manufacturer vehicle colors slowing down your vehicle sales.

Unique, Stand-Out Look

Everyone likes to feel unique, to own something different from the rest. Consumers want to be able to pick their vehicle that suits their individual personalities. With the knowledge that they have every option available to them and they can wrap it into their financing, customers are highly likely to choose to wrap their new vehicles.
Jeep Full Wrap with Reflection

Unlimited Options

With WrapIt’s Dealership Program "Unavailable" is no longer a word in your sales staff’s vocabulary. We provide every color and finish choice available from 3M and Avery as well as offering our design and print capabilities, bringing limitless possibilities to your customers and their new vehicle purchases.

Benefits of the Dealership Program

Enroll in the WrapIt Dealership Program

We provide information pamphlets, vinyl samples, and signage that lets your customers know that they can "WrapIt into their financing" at your dealership.

Let Us Do The Work!

We will not hold up your sale! All your sales rep needs to know is that your customer would like a Wrap. We take it from there. All vinyl questions and selections can be handled by our team. Installation is completed in our shop. We provide you with the pricing for financing and take the workload from there. We do the work; you collect the reward.

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