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How To Care For Your Wrap In The Winter Months

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Though things like snow and ice will not damage your vinyl wrap, knowing how to care for your wrap in the winter months will help protect your vinyl wrap in harsher winter conditions. 

Removing Road Salt from your Vinyl Wrap

Road salt is a necessity in the winter months and most vinyl materials have been created to resist against corrosive road salt. WrapIt still stresses the importance of removing road salt from your vinyl wrap on a regular basis to ensure the longevity of your vinyl wrap. Leaving corrosive road salt on your vinyl wrap for extended periods of time could lead to damage. 

Replace your Scraper with a Soft Brush

Replacing your winter scraper with a soft brush and using your vehicles defrosting feature is key to avoid damage to your vinyl wrap. Scrapers should not be used on your vinyl wrap or window graphics at any time. 

Keep your Vinyl Wrap Clean

The best way to care for your new vinyl wrap is to keep it clean. Using soap and water to hand wash your wrap it it is dirty rather than power washers and harsh chemicals that can be hard on your adhesive and vinyl wrap. Depending on the elements in your area and how dirt accumulates on your new vinyl wrap, WrapIt suggests washing your vinyl wrap at least once every two to three weeks. 

Our friendly and informative team at WrapIt is always available to answer any questions you may have regarding your current or future vinyl wrap. Please contact us at (604) 835-WRAP (9727)