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Vinyl Wrap Mistakes to Avoid

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Improper Cleaning

The very first step in a vinyl wrap is making sure your entire surface is perfectly cleaned. Installing a vinyl wrap on a dirty surface that has not gone through a multi stage cleaning process can cause lifting and leave residue and debris that will show through on your completed wrap. 

Improper Installation Atmosphere

When installing a vinyl wrap, be sure your area is clean and free of dust and debris. Working in a detailed and controlled environment prevents contaminates from showing up underneath your vinyl wrap. Cleanliness and temperature play a big part in the flawless finish of your new vinyl wrap. 

Measuring Mistakes

The exact measurements of your year, make and model are what vinyl wrap professionals use for your new vinyl wrap layout. Improper measurements can cause the installation of your new vinyl wrap to be a complete loss. Make sure each measurement is exact to avoid a costly re-print and installation. 

Post Installation

Vinyl wraps require a curing time. Do not wrap your vehicle and immediately take it out for a spin. Allowing your vinyl wrap time to sit in a heated, dry bay, allows your vinyl’s adhesive to fully adhere to your vehicles surface. 

Not Using a Professional

These are only a few mistakes that can be made when installing a vinyl wrap. Hiring a team of professionals with the years of experience required is a great way to guarantee your vinyl wrap installation is a long lasting success! 

Speak with the team of professionals at WrapIt today to book your new flawless truck wrap, car wrap, van wrap and fleet vinyl wrap. 


Baseline Pricing

$ 295 - 2,795
  • Spot wraps and decal packages $295.00 average baseline cost
  • Partial wraps and custom design $895.00 average baseline cost
  • Full wraps and color changes $2,795.00 average baseline cost

Avoid common vinyl wrap mistakes and errors by trusting the professionals. DIY can lead to costly removal and re-purchase cost for your material. Our team at WrapIt is always available to discuss how our team can meet your budget and complete your wrap in a timely, efficient manner. 

Let our certified installers complete the job for you, saving you both time and money.