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How Much Does A Truck Wrap Cost?

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Thinking of wrapping your truck, but looking for an idea on price?

There are many factors that come into play when quoting your new vinyl truck wrap, car wrap, van wrap or fleet wrap that we consider prior to providing you with a final price.

Our sales staffs first question will be the year, make and model of your truck along with the size of your cab and size of your trucks box. With this information we can gauge your coverage as well as provide your exact vehicle for concept, less any aftermarket additions.

Our next question and variance in price will be your design. Though our design services are completely free, your material selection required for the finished look of your completed design will vary. Layered materials, textures and finishes all play a part in your final quote.

Each vinyl truck wrap is so unique in body style and level of difficulty. This will play a part in determining the price of your wrap installation.

When inquiring about your new vinyl truck wrap, please be sure to mention any aftermarket alterations to your vehicle that you would like included in your wrap. These aftermarket items effect the amount of material required to complete your truck wrap.

A best example offered for a lower base line cost on your vinyl truck wrap would be as follows:

Partial Wraps & Custom Design – $895.00 average baseline cost

Full wraps and color changes –     $2,795.00 average baseline cost

Spot wraps and decal packages – $295.00 average baseline cost

Budget Match – Let us know your budget and we will provide you with a concept that fits within that mark

camouflage vinyl jeep wrap
Camo Wraps

Meet Your Budget Options

WrapIt does offer a meet your budget option. Oftentimes when we are thinking of making a purchase, we have an idea of what we would like to spend in mind. Should you have a price range you would like to stay within, our design team can provide you with a concept that matches your provided price. This is a fantastic option for decal packages and spot wraps as well as half and partials.

Request a free quote today via email: sales@wrapit.com Telephone: (604) 835-WRAP or by using our quick and easy request form.

Matte Black and Light Blue truck wrap

Specific brand coloring and detail is our specialty. Our team at WrapIt will carefully review your brand or color details that you provide, and supply a final product that will amaze! 

Contact us for further pricing options and availability. 

Vinyl car decals, truck decals, fleet decals are a low cost alternative to other advertising options including full and partial wraps. 

Simple logos on the back of your vehicle $70 to $100 depending on size and amount of information included

Both sides of your vehicle $175 – $350 depending on size and amount of information included

Take the installation on yourself to keep the cost even lower. 

Have a budget in mind? Share your spending limits with our team and we can provide you a concept that meets the bottom line. 

Decal package on White Van

Paint Vs. Vinyl Cost 

A good high quality paint job can set you back $5,000 to $15,000 depending on the size of your project, plus the cost of your vehicles downtime.


A full vinyl wrap typically costs between $2,500 and $5,000 depending on the size of your vehicle and coverage requirements. Down time is minimal, allowing your vehicle or fleets to be back on the streets generating leads in no time. 

Low Cost Per Thousand Impressions – Fleet Wraps and Pricing

WrapIt offers discounts for fleet services. Compare your discounted vinyl fleet wrap pricing against the potential views converted to sales, and you will be looking to book in no time!

When it comes to fleet wrap impressions, they are counted by anyone looking at your brand name, phone number, social media etc. on your vehicles. 

A vinyl fleet wrap has a lower cost per thousand impressions (CPM) of $0.77 giving you a larger reach at lower cost. 

Vinyl wraps generate more impressions at a lower cost than other medias. 

If you are looking for fleet wraps and pricing options, contact us today to review your cost and options.